Earthbound by Kenneth Radu

Read in April 2013

3 of 5 stars

In Earthbound Kenneth Radu has produced another satisfying collection of short fiction. Narrated in precise language and with an eye for detail, these stories focus mostly upon people in direct conflict with their circumstances or one another--a practical-minded son whose father is obsessed with conspiracy theories and extraterrestrial visitation, a porn-shop owner whose shiftless brother is constantly criticizing him on moral grounds while badgering him for money, a widow of strong religious convictions who lusts after her crippled neighbor's husband. These are stories set mostly in the here and now that expose the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Radu's favorite character is not male or female, young or old, black or white, but one struggling to reconcile or rationalize the gap between dream and reality. This is compelling short fiction from a seasoned writer and well worth seeking out.